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Born and raised in Texas, Rachel always had a passion for acting. From a young age she took to theater classes though was always to shy to try out for school productions. It wasn’t until she was a teen that she took to the stage for the first time in a musical and realized that the stage life wasn’t for her, but her love of acting hadn’t diminished. Instead, it was refocused into something new as she became more hyper aware of the world of voice over.

In High School and through College, she began to practice that art more and more, honing it. It wasn’t until years later when she had moved back to Texas after some years in California that her dreams became a reality!

Booking her first role in Keijo!!!!!!! and later Recovery of an MMO Junkie was like a dream come true!

Now, in the present she’s doing what she loves with more passion every day. Acting her heart out and pushing her voice further by taking classes and always learning and growing, Rachel is always ready to take on the next challenge.

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